Processing Solutions

Register secured assets, perform corporate due diligence, and manage ministry documentation.

PPSA Processing

PPSA searches, registration and powerful management tools.

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Corporate Processing

Corporate profile, articles, bankruptcy, NUANS and more.

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Land Title Search

Search and manage land title from registries across Canada.

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Custom Solutions

Talk to us about custom solutions tailored to your needs.

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Process more. Spend less.

Its that simple.

Our industries

Automation, Optimization & Enterprise Integration.

Partnering with top companies and mid-sized firms across industries, experience best in class, uniquely customized and scalable processing solutions.

Auction Houses

Digital automation solutions to perform due diligence searches, register assets, and manage liens throughout the entire lifecycle of the asset.


Heavy equipment manufacturers, lessors, and finance companies rely on our expertise in securing commercial equipment, saving time and money in the day to day processing.

Credit Unions & Banks

Top notch security, simple user interface, advanced management tools. Reduce operational costs, brings efficiencies to the processing workflow and achieve your strategic and financial goals.

Finance & Leasing

We offer integrations with the industry's top LOS providers, and custom integration solutions to meet your specific needs.

Trucking and Logistics

Solutions customized by listening to our customers unique requirement with enhancements such as 90% reduction in processing efforts, default national registrations, and central support.


We have a strong foundation working with the automotive industry, including excellent track record of custom automation and industry leading turnaround times.

Retail and Warehouse

Security for your assets, nationwide processing coverage.

Ask us about your industry

We offer solutions for collections, accounts receivables management, law firms, paralegals, and more.

Simple. Easy to use.

Tailored to our customers needs, an adaptive, efficient workflow. The PPSACanada solution is built with the end user in mind, based on years of feedback and refinement.

Automate your processing workflows

Register secured assets, perform corporate due diligence, and manage ministry documentation.

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Reporting and Auditing at Your Fingertips

Expiring lien reports, detailed activity logs.

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Simple API

Easily integrate PPSACanada solutions with your LOS, CRM, or other enterprise software.

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Access Parsed Data

Extract key data from search results.

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Data templates

Reduce manual data entry, less room for human error.

Our technology partners

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