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Ask us about how we help numerous companies across North America reduce their fees and increase processing efficiency.

Transparent Pricing

No Upfront Costs
No Upfront Costs

No sign-up fee, no monthly fees.

No Upfront Costs

Pay only for what you process, no hidden fees.

No Upfront Costs
No commitment

Try PPSA Canada with no commitment and no ongoing fees.

Flexible Pricing

Custom Pricing

We fund ministry disbursements upfront

No sign-up fee, no monthly fees.

Volume discounts

The more you process the better the savings. Ask us how we can reduce your processing fees.

Custom project pricing available

Custom pricing for projects of all sizes allows you to focus on business needs and offer the best value to your clients with known costs.

Industry Leading Technology and Automation

Cutting edge automation

Processing engine designed for maximum efficiency, we pass these savings onto our customers.

Smart Tools

The PPSA Canada web application is modular and can be tailored fit each customer’s specific needs.

API Integration

No additional API fees, easy to implement for a fully automated processing solution.

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