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Doing It Yourself Through The Ministries Using PPSACanada.com
Deposit Accounts must be maintained for most Ministries
No retention of prior registrations
VIN's not checked for validity (searching only)
Minimal validation of data
Draft mode not possible (excluding Alberta & Manitoba)
No monthly invoicing. Each account is used as a depletion account (exluding Alberta & Manitoba) (not standardized)
Secured Party info not maintained for privacy act purposes by certain Ministries (eg: Ontario)
Ministries DO NOT provide an expiring registration checklist
ACOL and Alberta require licensing fees
No additional registration fees
Atlantic Canada (ACOL) as well as Quebec (RDPRM) requires technical maintenance of software on the desktop
Each province maintains a different interface and terminologies giving them a higher learning curve
Multiple userids and passwords are shared (Identidy unrecorded)
Many different technical contacts
No guidance
No Deposit Accounts. Funds advanced on behalf of client.
A complete and comprehensive storage and retrieval system
A VIN checker is used for accuracy and speed for ALL searches
Extensive validation of data
Multiple drafts can be maintained prior to submission
Monthly detailed online invoicing can be used for accounting and audit purposes (standardized) grouped by province and by userid
Multiple Mini-Databases available to allow user to complete the form accurately and efficiently
User is notified of each registration which will expire in 60 days
PPSACANADA.com does not charge a licensing fee
A nominal fee is applied to each request
PPSACANADA.com is completely web based using Microsoft IE 5.5 or higher as a browser with no additional plug-ins other than Adobe Acrobat Reader
PPSACANADA.com maintains a standard interface
Single userid and password for each user (Identity recorded)
One point of contact for all ministries via toll-free service
Accountable support staff
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